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Goldbug Hotsprings

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Goldbug is quickly gaining recognition across blogs, Instagram, and even magazines. Its iconic view of the canyon from a hilltop pool is too good to be true for the hot spring enthusiast. With a 1.75 mile hike-in, the access is a little too close to keep a crowd away, though the last part of the trail is quite steep and will definitely give you a desire to soak those muscles once you reach the top. At the trailhead, it is not uncommon to see 30 cars parked and pass multiple groups as you're hiking in or out. Once you reach the top, you'll cross a footbridge before reaching the main pools below. There are 2 larger pools set in the hillside like stairs in cascading pools of warm water. The pools are shallow with gravel bottom on most of it and have plenty of space for people to spread out.

Camping: Goldbug does not allow camping at the trailhead. There are several campsites along the trail and at least one or two closer to the pools. One thing I've noted is that there isn't much for wood to burn at a campfire.

Lodging: If you're looking for lodging nearby, I highly recommend the Salmon River Gyspy Wagons. These cute trailers have been converted into adorable living spaces and are parked in a cute campground setting right on the river. The owners run it like a bed and breakfast delivering a little basket of breakfast at the time of your choosing.

Helpful Tips

Bring a swimsuit and sunscreen.

Prepare to socialize.

Bring snacks and plenty of water.

Bring a trash bag to put your items in, and then haul your trash out after.

Make sure your phone is in a waterproof case.

Bring yak-tracks during winter months November-April.

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