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The Sentinel Hotel - Kaslo, British Columbia

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Stayed: November 2018

If you're looking for that type of getaway that's remote enough to help you renew your soul, look no further than the Sentinel Hotel just south of Kaslo, British Columbia. The property was built with the intent and purpose of hosting yoga and wellness retreats but is open to private bookings when retreats are not going on. It can be tricky to find availability for a weekend stay during the summer, but well worth the trip even in the fall and winter months.

When checking in, it is not like your typical lodge with a front desk and someone awaiting the arrival of anyone who walks in. This is set up more like a bed and breakfast than a hotel, so having a reservation in advance is the best practice here. When you arrive you'll enter the main house which has a group area, kitchen, and a coffee and tea station for refreshments. Here you'll also have access to the deck where gatherings could be held in the summer.

North of the main house, you'll find a beautiful yoga studio with panoramic views of the lake, not to mention the stunning architecture of the building itself. is something to behold as well, having no support beams in the circular building, keeping the floor space open and the views unobstructed. If you're into yoga, this is a must-visit location for the studio alone.

There is some lodging in the yoga studio making it ideal for a yoga retreat or group getaway. These rooms have shared bathrooms. Maybe not a problem for a group trip of well-acquainted friends, but may not be ideal if you're visiting on your own. There's also a cozy community meeting room below the studio.

There's a separate building south of the main house with several rooms over-looking the lake, and these have beautiful private bathrooms. I would recommend these rooms for the view alone. Glass french doors over-looking Kootenay lake reservoir. It's difficult to imagine a better way to wake up or enjoy a morning of reading with a view like this at the end of your toes. These rooms are also the closest to the natural cedar hot tub and sauna, which is south of the building.

After a quick walk down a well-maintained path, you'll find the cedar hot tub. and wood-fired sauna on a deck, again, overlooking the lake. Cedar is naturally antimicrobial and does not require the use of chemicals which is just another way you'll be restoring your health. The trip back from the hot tub can be a little chilly, especially in the colder months. My room was the closest lodging o the property. If you were walking back to the yoga studio rooms you would have quite a long walk in the dark. I recommend bringing a robe, shoes, and flashlight when venturing back and forth.

After a thoroughly relaxing evening, the hunt for coffee was the first thing on my mind. The room didn't have a coffee maker inside which drives you into the main house to fetch your first cup when you're least prepared to interact with the outside world. Luckily you have a beautiful view on your walk over! Breakfast is also served at the house. The housekeeper prepared oatmeal, fruit, and pastries which were all health-focused and tasty. While you could take your food back to your room, you may find it quite enjoyable to sit down with the other guests at a family-style table. I found everyone visiting The Sentinel was of like mind and focused on the well-being that comes from a perfectly relaxing stay at The Sentinel.

The Sentinel is located between Ainsworth Hot Springs and the enchanting town of Kaslo.

The Sentinel is the perfect location for healing, yoga, relaxation, and a quiet getaway in nature. I would rank this in my top 5, for incredible stays, noting it for having the best location and views.

Helpful Tips

Bring a robe, flashlight, and slip-on shoes for getting to and from the hot tub and sauna.

Bring hiking shoes for the connected trails.

Be prepared to have a social breakfast with like-minded people.

The closest dinner locations are Ainsworth(south), or Kaslo(north), both 15min away.

If you do not appreciate meditation, and energy work, this may not be the place for you!

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